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10 things to consider before using Open Source packages

1. What sort of licensing does the component offer? Is it copyleft or more permissive?
2. How well written and understandable is the documentation? Is the code sensibly organized and commented? Can you quickly and easily build a binary distribution from source?
3. How active is the user community on the project’s own website, and/or independent Q&A sites like StackOverflow?
4. Are there regular code submissions by the developer community on SourceForge, Google Code, or GitHub?

DRAPA call for proposals

DRAPA recently published an announcement, call for help from industrial research group in terms of Power Efficiency Revolution For Embedded Computing Technologies (PERFECT)。Part of announcement captured below

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is soliciting proposals for
innovative research and development (R&D) in the area of embedded power efficient
computing. The goal is to provide more effective embedded computing per watt of
electrical power.

Proposed R&D activity may involve, but is not limited to:

Intel seed board RTOS resource

AIMB-212 seed board



现在创建一个gappproxy变得非常容易了,只需要访问GAppProxy,然后下载 GAppProxy安装使用手册,根据手册上的说明,申请google app engine的空间并创建一个application的名称;第二步部署服务器端的程序,从GAppProxy页面上,根据手册说明,将服务器端程序上传到google app engine的空间;第三部部署本地的程序,从GAppProxy页面下载,解压后根据手册说明对其中的proxy.conf文件进行修改,然后执行proxy.exe。执行完了这3步之后,需要修改浏览器的代理为127.0.0.1:8000。需要注意的是,目前这个版本对https的支持还不是很理想,facebook没有问题,twitter登录之后的页面非常丑陋,google plus无法访问。值得称赞的是gappproxy升级之后不需要再安装python了!


Lytro Camera

Lytro Cameras




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